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Emily Kaplan | Executive Editor

About the Client
Sneckenberg, Thompson & Brody, LLP is a highly respected “AV” Rated Chicago law firm founded upon personal and individualized representation of clients with a tradition of excellence, reliability and integrity.

The client wanted to redesign their website with a distinctive design. Their previous website had many technical problems and was not customizable or expandable. They were looking for a solution that would allow them to add and/or update the website themselves and would also be cost-effective. When Emilie G. Kaplan contacted Ex-Dimension for their web development needs they were in search of a design team who would be able to create a website that reflected the firm’s strong image,and was user friendly. They also needed an area to dynamically post the firm’s news and results.

After consulting with the client regarding their specific needs, the Ex-Dimension design team began work on giving the company website a completely new ambiance, which reflected the law firm’s powerful image. In order to do that they first upgraded the logo design to compliment the new company image. Once the logo was “touched” up, the designers as well as the programmers joined forces to create a strong company website using Flash, HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP and SQL server which allowed the client to add/update parts of the website themselves. A customized solution was created to give the client the freedom to make the necessary changes through out the site such as updating the attorney’s profiles and adding current news and results to the firm’s “news and results” page. We were able to create and deliver the complete project successfully and according to the client’s requirements within the 15 day deadline.

Ex-Dimension, Inc. was able to meet all the client’s requests and was able to create a professional, clean and efficient website within the 15-day deadline. Once the project was delivered the Ex-Dimension’s team provided initial training to the client to help them upgrade the site on an on going basis themselves. The client was very impressed and pleased with our work and excellent service that they recommended Ex-Dimension Inc to other businesses.

Sneckenberg, Thompson & Brody, LLP