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Judy Kaplan | Publisher

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Empower Woman Publications is a small and privately owned 100% woman owned business certified by both the WBE and the Women’s Business Development Center in Chicago. Established in 2003, our company mission is to provide information, education and resources to women to help empower them to live better lives.

Empower Woman Publications was in need of a new website with a completely fresh look. They also needed a management system to manage their monthly magazine issues. Since they publish on a regular basis they have much content to manage as well so they needed an integrated content management system. In order to make it convenient for their readers Empower Woman Publications also wanted to digitize their magazine so people could view it online for a high-end digital experience. All the while Ex-Dimension’s design team had to make sure the website and digital publication was user friendly and easy to navigate. And finally EWP needed an inquiry management system to handle frequent client inquiries.

Once all the details were discussed and finalized with the client the Ex-Dimension design team members began work on the website design. The programmers created the website using Php, MySQL, HTML, Flash, CSS and JavaScript. A customized content management system was created based on the client’s requirements and IT experience. Custom templates were created for each page so even when the client enters data the template will not break. An Integrated Digital Magazine solution was created so EWP could publish their e-zines. A managment system was created to control the blogs, classifieds, resources, inquires, Newsletter subscriptions, event calender, woman in business section, service directory, advertisers listings, archive magazine issues along with other sections of the site.

Ex-Dimension, Inc. was able to create a website which was not only user friendly but aesthetically pleasing as well. The design team worked closely with the client to create a site to the exact specifications presented by EWP. Our programming specialists were able to create customized solution to fit the clients requirements regarding content and inquiry management. Our digital publishing team worked closely with the programmers to convert their print publication into a digital format to make viewing the magazine as convenient for their reads as possible.

Empower Woman Publications