We offer our clients a wide range of services that can further expand and cultivate their company in this competitive business world. We customize designs for each clients, giving them creative, state of the art Internet solutions which best suite their needs. Our areas of expertise include interface design, animation, digital online publishing, desktop publishing, web design and development, software development, multimedia presentation CD ROMs, and many other interactive multimedia solutions.

Ex-Dimension draws upon each team member’s unique background to create robust concepts in a highly collaborative environment. Our media designers are experienced in designing interactive web and CD applications using a variety of cross-platform authoring and development tools, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dream weaver, Adobe Director, Adobe Flash, Light wave, Discreet Combustion and 3ds max.

Web Design

A Website is the most useful medium for promoting your company, and must reflect the climate and mission of your business. At Ex-Dimension, Website design is one of our specialties. We will incorporate your company’s personality into the site’s design, and we will optimize the content for search engine recognition to increase your hit count. We use Flash, HTML, JAVA, PHP, SQL Server, MYSQL, Action Scripting and ASP to bring you the most striking, informative site possible while still communicating your company’s ambiance to potential clients. We can build a new site for your company, or simply make improvements upon your existing site. We can also add interactive features to increase user-friendliness, collect customer data, allow customers to email you directly, and place orders or make payments online. Ex-Dimension will work closely with you to strengthen the design of your site for maximum publicity and effectiveness.
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Digital Publishing

Live Publications is a project of Ex-Dimension, Inc. We have been providing solutions to clients ranging from small publishing companies to large government organizations for more than seven years.

Live Publications helps publishers create cost-effective, user-friendly electronic versions of traditional print publications. We turn your industry-standard, print-ready files into dynamic digital publications that can be emailed, downloaded, or stored on a web site – reducing or eliminating your printing and transportation costs. Our digital publications look exactly like your printed versions, and are enhanced with dynamic features like page flipping, Interactive table of contents, embedded videos, animated ads, Interactive thumbnails, hyperlinks, keyword searching, audio readings and other enrichments.

Your readers need no special software to enjoy these features – just an up-to-date web browser and flash plug-in. And your publishing staff need not alter their working methods. To learn more about our digital publishing solutions and services please contact us or visit http://www.livepublications.com
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Graphic Design

Ex-Dimension offers excellent graphic design services in variety of formats. With our vast knowledge and experience we can deliver graphic design services for web, multimedia and print. Our design team is capable of handling small to large scale complex projects so whether you need a logo, stationary design, print brochure or an interface design for your application, Ex-Dimension’s design staff will deliver a solution that will make you stand out above the rest.
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Website Maintenance

Technology is constantly evolving, so it is very important to keep your website’s functionality and design looking up to date and fresh. Ex-Dimension, Inc. is your one-stop shop for all your maintenance needs. Our maintenance packages are designed specifically to fit your budget and requirements. Please contact us today for a customized maintenance plan.
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We can develop a custom e-Business Solution tailored to suit your business. We offer secure online ordering and a customized shopping cart to make online purchasing as easy and convenient as possible. With a growing market of over 1.7 Billion Internet Users, an online business is an excellent source of income. Contact us to find out how we can make your business an e-Business.
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Content Management Systems

The web-based Content Management System (CMS) created by Ex-Dimension allows you to easily create, edit, store, and publish information on the web. The CMS eliminates the unavailability or inaccurate content on your Website, and gives you a simple way to quickly update your company’s online materials. The CMS offers templates for customization, so content can be updated and reused repeatedly.

The CMS is guaranteed to increase your company’s productivity by changing the way your web content is managed. Gone are the days of waiting for the Webmaster to change the site – CMS allows you to perform updates at any time with ease. This product can also be used to manage correspondence, accounting documents, and sales information. The CMS is just one of the solutions Ex-Dimension has created to help you and your company reach maximum potential.
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E-Annual Reports

E-Annual Reports are the most cost-effective option for creating your company’s annual report. This modern CD-based product eliminates the need for spending excess time and money on printed reports, while at the same time improves the presentation and paints a more dynamic picture of your company’s financial status for investors.

E-Annual Reports have the capacity for multimedia enhancements, interactive charts and graphs, and can link-up to your company’s Website. Audio and video can be included on the CD, offering you the opportunity to speak directly to your shareholders. Interactive graphics allow for a more comprehensive understanding of presented material, and largely improve the aesthetics of the report. Linking the report directly to your company’s Website lets your investors view current company news and communicate with management staff via email
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Multimedia Presentations

The effective presentation communicates key messages. Ex-Dimension will tailor multimedia presentations to the tastes of client’s target audience, making it as appealing as it is persuasive. We employ the latest technologies to create customized, professional marketing tools that give you unlimited flexibility.

Using our vast knowledge and experience we have produced a wide array of multimedia solutions for our clients:

– Promotional CD-ROMs Promotional CD-ROMs
– Business Card CD-ROMs Business Card CD-ROMs
– Interactive Product Catalogs and Publications Interactive Product Catalogs and Publications
– Electronic Brochures and Manuals Electronic Brochures and Manuals
– Computer-based Training Applications (CBTs) Computer-based Training Applications (CBTs)
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We are living in an era of technology. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide browse the web everyday in search of the perfect product or service, and your company must stand out above the competition. A digital presence should be one of the main faces of your business, and it must be flawless. Electronic media is increasingly replacing other marketing tools, thus, a brilliant electronic marketing campaign is crucial to your business’s publicity. Ex-Dimension will use the latest technology to bring you Website, web and desktop applications, email announcements, and banner ads to market your product to consumers across the globe. We will adapt all products to your company’s unique needs, and increase your exposure to the broadest possible audience.
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Search Engine Optimization

Just having a web site isn’t enough in today’s world. We can help you market/promote your web site by tweaking the keywords, adding your site to over 400 search engines and directories, targeted banner advertising, and even off-line and traditional advertising. Hire us and get results you want from your site. Contact us to get your site noticed.
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