Ex-Dimension specializes in graphic design, corporate communications, and everything in between; all brought to you through our specialized methodological process, and guaranteed to provide you with the most creative, effective internet solutions on the market today. Ex-Dimension adds a new dimension to the cyber world by bringing together state of the art technology and a professional, experienced team to create exceptional products to further expand your business.


Live Publications

Live Publications helps publishers create cost-effective, user-friendly electronic versions of traditional print publications. We turn your industry-standard, print-ready files into dynamic digital files that can be emailed, downloaded, or stored on a web site – reducing or eliminating your printing and distribution costs. Our digital publications look exactly like your printed versions, but are enhanced with dynamic features like Page flipping, Keyword Search, Bookmarking, Text highlighting, Printing, Interactive Table of contents and Live hyperlinks. Your readers need no special software to enjoy these features – just a recent web browser and flash plug-in. And your publishing staff need not alter their working methods. For more information please visit http://www.livepublications.com



In September 2005, Ex-Dimension introduced a unique new product called Fotoinc. The basic idea was to create a central location for photography-related information on the internet. Thus Fotoinc was formed to be a website solely devoted to helping the photography community.

Fotoinc is focused on helping amateur and professional photographers share their work and experiences with each other.

Selection of the services offered on the site are:

Request for Critique Request for Critique
Search for Photographers & their Portfolios Search for Photographers & their Portfolios
Discussion Forum Discussion Forum
Tutorials Tutorials
Equipment Reviews Equipment Reviews
Photo Trade Photo Trade
Photo Galleries Photo Galleries
And much more… And much more…

Website is under-construction and will be available soon.


Cg Singapore

CgSingapore.com was founded in April 2009 by CG artist for CG artists. This unique platform is created for the global CG Community to interact, share, learn and grow. CgSingapore.com allows talented CG artists to share their work and get creative critiques from industry experts. This exclusive site supports artists at every level. Whether you are a beginner and want to learn from your peers or an expert and just want to share your ideas and work, CgSingapore.com is the place for you. Please feel free to explore CgSingapore.com and enjoy daily CG news, job postings, discussion forums and collection of some amazing work in the gallery section. To learn more visit http://www.cgsingapore.com