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Doug Sloss | President

About the Client
Doug and Lorenza Sloss are professional underwater photographers and writers. They travel the world teaching hundreds of people how to dive, shoot photography and enhance images using Adobe Photoshop.

The client needed a DVD which they could use as a template to produce different versions of training CDs. Mr. Sloss wanted a solution which would make it easy for him to update data himself. The client was searching for a customized, easily updated solution which would run on all platforms, especially Mac and PC. And finally they wanted the videos to be high quality and user friendly for their audience.

Our talented team of designers and programmers was able to create a customized solution using Flash, Actionscripting and XML for the client according to their specifications. A special interface was created in Adobe Photoshop which worked with the Flash application. The DVD application used XML files as a back end tool to update the material, so the client would be able to update and create different versions of the DVD withing opening the Flash application. Our programmers created a program which would allow the client to expand and add new tutorial categories and videos in as little as 1 to 2 hours. A customized media player was created in Flash tox play the video tutorials. Our programmers helped the client identify the best format for exporting videos at a high resolution while keeping the file size small. The videos were crisp and ran efficiently on both PC and Mac without downloading any extra programs or applications. Finally the team created a dual mode which allowed the DVD to run in a window or a full screen. If the viewer wanted to work in Photoshop while viewing the video, they could view the video in a separate window and work in Photoshop side by side.

Ex-Dimension, Inc. was able to successfully deliver the completed project on time and according to the client’s requirements. The solution that was created made it easy for the client to update and add new tutorials to the DVD. A customized interface was created to keep a similar look and feel between the client’s website and DVDs. As requested by the client, the DVD ran efficiently on both Mac and PC without any additional applications. The client was very pleased with the results and extraordinary customer service. Thus another project was successfully delivered by Ex-Dimension, Inc.

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