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Edilia Bendal | Executive Editor

About the Client
A small private school for students with learning differences, Northstar Academy is dedicated to educating the whole child – academically, physically, emotionally and socially – in the unique way that each child learns best. Here, students once frustrated and disillusioned become excited by possibilities for learning and for life.

The client needed a design team which would be able to design a complete print campaign for them, thus Ex-Dimension Inc was contacted by Northstar Academy. They needed posters, brochures,newspaper ads and fliers designed. They also needed a brochure converted into digital format so that viewers could access it online on their website.

Ex-Dimension’s design team created customized posters, brochures, newspaper ads and fliers for the client while following their website theme and design. Than the digital publishing team stepped in to convert the brochure into a high end digital experience. Finally the programming team ended the job by integrating the digital brochure into their website. The project was completed and delivered within the client’s time frame.

Ex-Dimension was able to complete the entire print and digital campaign for Northstar Academy on time. The client was very impressed by our customer service and efficient work ethic. Our designers were able to create a brochure design to compliment and flow along with their current website. Once the brochure design was completed our designers began work on the newspaper ad design and poster design, which they handled in a professional and organized manner. The Ex-Dimension team was proud to complete the project to the exact specifications of the client and we were able to add Northstar Academy to our elite list of clients.

Northstar Academy
Northstar Academy