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Nicole Fesette | Executive Editor

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Sole Collector was established in 2003, and is the world’s leading consumer sneaker magazine. With direct-from-the-source information, professional photography, exclusive content and international distribution, Sole Collector magazine offers the highest quality sneaker experience available in print. Sole Collector is the exclusive magazine sold at Foot Locker and Footaction. It is also sold at bookstores, newsstands and sneaker boutiques globally.

As the demands of the readers expand; the publishing industry is facing a difficult challenge of making their publications available to everyone. Publishers want to decrease the time it takes for readers to receive their publications so they can spend more time enjoying it. That concern prompted Nicole Fesette, Executive Editor of Sole Collector Magazine, to contact Live Publications.“We wanted to expand our subscription capabilities and give subscribers and potential subscribers the advantage of seeing the magazine before it hit the newsstands,” she said, “eliminating the shipping time lag between print and arrival.” Readers around the world prefer that they have their documents ready and in their hands as soon as possible. The best way for publishers to solve this dilemma is to present their document online in a digital, easy to view format.

Providing an excellent solution with the highest quality is what makes Live Publications one of the leading digital publishers in the industry. Live Publications’ low rates and optimum customer service attracted Sole Collectors executive editor’s attention. We made sure that all their questions were answered promptly, and that they received their digital magazine in the least amount of time. The Live Publications team worked hard to make sure our client was satisfied in every way possible. Along with adding high-tech features to the magazine, we created a custom interface for them that fit the look and feel of their website and printed magazine. Fesette, the executive editor of the magazine said, “Live Publications was reasonably priced and had all the capabilities we were looking for in a digital magazine with excellent and fast customer service.”

Much like other people in this industry, Sole Collector’s publishers were trying to find a faster way to reach their audience. By using Live Publications digital publishing they were able to do that. This method also allowed them to bring their cost down while providing their viewers with an enhanced reading experience. During the work process they did not face many difficulties because our experts efficiently answered their questions and resolved their issues. We worked closely to provide them with a magazine that met their requirements and specific needs. With our quick turnaround time Sole Collector Magazine will now be available to its viewers before it hits the newsstands, thus giving them more time to enjoy it.

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